Friday, December 7, 2012

A Kitten gets a home for Christmas.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of those cute kittens that we have running around Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital?  Well if they are lucky, they attract the attention of one of our wonderful loving clients and get chosen to go to a new home where they are loved and pampered.  Mopar, our youngest homeless kitty, had his lucky day today.  He just happened to be running down the hallway, after escaping from the surgery side of the hospital where he had been playing, just in time to catch the eye of a man that had his dog in for a visit with Dr. Hagewood.  The man may have been looking for a kitten for his family or he just may have got suckered in by Mopar's cute face and outstanding personality.  Either way he asked to visit with Mopar.  After a short visit, he decided to take him home for Christmas.  The Warren Woods Team is always so happy when these little ones get solid caring homes and we know that Mopar will live a healthy life with his new family.

The only down side to all these cute kittens that we adopt out, is all the beautiful adult cats that we have continuing to get overlooked that are desperately in need of homes.  Take Latoya for example.  She is a beautiful, independent calico cat that has all the confidence in the world.  She has been with us for almost a year and has not had anyone interested in giving her a home.  (see her picture on our website)

Posie and her kittens were brought to Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital by animal control because Posie was a single mother with 4 kittens out in the cold and starving.  Her kittens had various birth defects and needed medical attention.  Now the kittens are 3 months old and we have two that still have not been adopted as well as their mother Posie.  She has now been spayed and is a beautiful girl with loads of personality.  Two of her babies snagged great homes, but the other two; Peggy (She has one rear leg that is not developed) and Zelda (she needed one of her eyes removed due to her birth defect) have not yet found homes. This sweet family of 3 needs a home so they won't end up living at a veterinary hospital with no special family to love them.

At Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital we care for our cats until we find them loving homes.  We are a roof over their heads and two squares a day however we can not provide them with what every cat needs and deserves.  A loving home and family.  If you have adopted one of our cats in the past (I have 3 that I have adopted from WWVH and they are all upstanding citizens) I salute and thank you.  If you have room and resources in your home to adopt another loving pet, please consider one of our older cats.   They will be forever loyal and grateful to you.

Getting off my soap box now.........   :)

Call us at 586-751-3350 to visit with any of the cats up for adoption.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Claus and Many Paws raise over $800 for Leader Dogs

On Sunday December 2, the Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital team hosted the 14th Annual Open House.  Each year Santa shows up to host pets and their families in this fun event geared to raise money for Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Hills, MI.  The Open House was attended by more than 65 families with their pets including, dogs, cats and birds.

The patrons were asked for a $10 donation to Leader Dogs in order to get their family pictures taken with Santa and received a 5X7 photo printed out as they waited. The hospital was decorated in a fabulous holiday decorations and lights. There was also a buffet of snacks and deserts for all to enjoy.  (Special thanks to Idexx Laboratories for donating money used towards much of the food.)  One of our wonderful clients even brought along a huge sheet cake decorated with photos of his family pets. All proceeds were donated directly to Leader Dogs.

The Warren Woods Veterinary Team works very hard each year volunteering their time cleaning, cooking and decorating the hospital in anticipation of this event, then spend their Sunday at work!  Thank you to the best veterinary team in Michigan!!!