Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why should I have blood tests done on my pet?

Do you believe in preventative health care for you and your family members?

Annual physical examinations, cholesterol level checks, blood pressure monitoring and healthy living are very important for your well being.   Why would it be any different for your pets?  Having your doctor examine you every year is important, but you can talk!  Just think of the things that we miss because our pets can not verbally communicate with us.  The awareness of early warning signs of illnesses,  routine physical examinations and blood testing will help you to keep your pet around for many years.   

Our pets have a much shorter lifespan than their human companions.  Because they age faster, things can change dramatically from year to year.  That is why many veterinarians are recommending two examinations (with blood work) per year as your pet gets older.  Blood work provides us with a valuable picture of the health of your pet. Blood can help us to monitor the health of the internal organs (the things that we can not see) and blood tests are frequently the first recommendation that a veterinarian makes when a pet is sick or in an emergency situation.  

Routine blood testing usually consists of a CBC (complete blood counts) and chemistries. The CBC will check for things like anemia, infection, inflammation, leukemia, hydration and clotting problems.  The chemistries may detect things like, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, dehydration, and some cancers.  Most pets tolerate a blood draw very well and it can be done quickly by your veterinarian or technician. 

Be sure to ask about routine blood testing for your pet the next time you see your veterinarian  and call Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital if you have any questions.  586-751-3350