Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oh No! Fleas?

Autumn in Michigan is all about cooler weather, football games, apple picking and cider mills, but did you know that fall is the season that fleas are at their worst?  They have been spending the summer building up their numbers so in the fall, they are out and about in full force.  They have been hitching rides on all of the wildlife in your backyard just waiting to jump on your pet, or on your pant leg to get a ride into the house for the winter.    Fleas can each live for up to 3 months and the females will lay as many as 2000 eggs.  The fleas you actually see on your pet are just the beginning. Fleas hid in your carpet, baseboards, bedding, and furniture.  Ninty-five percent of a home's flea infestation is not visable on the pet, they are in the environment. Disgusting!

When fleas infest your pet, he or she will show symptoms such as scratching, rubbing, licking or chewing, and sometimes you will see skin irritation and rashes.  If your pet has an allergy to flea saliva, just one bite from a flea will cause intense itching and misery for them. In addition to causing itching and scratching, fleas can act as a vector for diseases such as tapeworm, and even something as scary as bubonic plague.

Preventing fleas is much easier than treating them once they have moved into your home.  Prevention can be achieved by using a monthly flea preventative such as Frontline Plus, Nexgard or Revolution. Call Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital at 586-751-3350 for more information on fleas and flea prevention.