Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hot Dog - Summer in the City

It looks like it is finally summer in Michigan (for a few weeks anyway) and it is time to consider summer hazards that can face your pets.  We love the sun, sand and traveling to touristy locations, but there are many negative consequences for our pets if we don't think and act wisely.

Car Rides.  Please, please don't take your dog in the car unless you are going to take them immediately out of the car at your destination.  Every summer my mother discovers a dog left in a hot car at some shopping center and has to raise a fuss; (and she can raise a fuss) sometimes even getting police involved to save some pup that was left in a hot car.  She is the "hot dog" crusader for a good reason.  Many dogs (and children) die in hot cars each year.  The temperature in a car increases so quickly that only a few moments can create a life or death situation.  Also dogs can be forgotten in a car.  Place your purse or cell phone in the back of the car with the dog so you do not accidentally forget them.

Sun, heat and humidity.  As our temperatures approach 70 degrees or over, your pet may begin to feel overheated, especially if there is exercise involved.  When your dog begins to pant he is telling you that his body temperature is increasing.  He is trying to "sweat" off the excess heat by panting.  Be sure to offer water frequently, seek shade and don't continue to throw the Frisbee or the ball.  Dogs will often continue to play in the heat well beyond their limit.  Keep the summertime play to either short sessions, or try to do your walking and playing in the evenings when things are cooler.

Sunburn?  Yes, some dogs (and cats) will burn if left in the sun too long.  Dogs and cats with very short coats or  with pink ears or noses will burn more severely than darker skinned pets.  They do make doggy sun screen, but better to keep your "pink" pets indoors or in the shade to avoid sunburn.

Parasites.  Fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and mosquitoes love summer and they also love your dog or cat.  Be sure to consult your veterinarian to get the safest parasite control products for your pets.  They should be protected against internal and external parasites all year long.  Nobody wants to cuddle up to a bunch of fleas and ticks running around on their pet.  Yuck!

Hot pavement.  Remember that your dog does not wear shoes!  Well, most dogs don't. (maybe yours does)  If your dog prefers to go barefoot, then keep him off the blacktop and cement when the sun is at it's hottest.  That asphalt can burn the pads of their feet.  Hot sand can also be an issue, so if you can't stand the heat on your feet, your pet probably can't either.

Overeating.  We all love a good picnic and so do our dogs.  Watch your guests are not feeding your dog from the table or he/she will end up with an upset stomach from the rich and tasty treats.

Enjoy your summer with your family and your furry family, but be sure to think ahead to keep your pets safe from the summer hazards.  Call us at Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital if you need any advice from our wonderful doctors and technicians.  We are always happy to help.  Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Oh, and please adopt one of our kittens..............


Sunday, June 7, 2015

4 the Best Detroit....Once again shooting for FIRST

It is here again!  WDIV's Click on Detroit, 4 The Best contest.

Each summer the Detroit TV station WDIV holds their "4 The Best, Click on Detroit" contest to choose the best, or most popular businesses in the greater Detroit area.  Last year Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital worked hard to accumulate votes asking clients and friends to vote for us in the contest. Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital was happy to be awarded FIRST place in the "Veterinarians" category which included over 100 veterinary hospitals in the metro Detroit area. 

The worst thing about winning in 2104 is the pressure to try to hold on to that first place spot for this summer.  We asked all of our wonderful clients to vote, comment and vote again, over and over all summer long.  We hope that you are all up for this year's challenge as we try to pull off a second win.

Thanks to all of our wonderful clients, friends and Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital team members for making Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital one of the best in Detroit.  Also, thank you to WDIV for recognizing small business in the Detroit area with this contest.