Sunday, May 4, 2014

Flocking to the Motor City Bird Breeders Show

We spent the better part of Saturday gathered with like minded bird admirers at the Motor City Bird Breeders Show.  The show is a room with a variety of avian species including many parrots, canaries, finches, budgies and even a few fish.   Yes, fish were there also.  Just a few tables filled with plastic bags of fish that were for sale, so I guess it was the bird and fish show.

There was a parade of interested patrons walking through the hall browsing the different tables buying birds, toys, cages and accessories.  There was an awesome raffle of donated items including a few small birds for the raffle participants to attempt to win.  I was accompanied by two of my wonderful technicians, Nicole and Beth.  We handed out business cards, pens, informational handouts and answered many questions about our hospital and about various pet bird issues.  We had a great time bird and people watching.

The show is held twice each year so if you missed the show Saturday you can join us again in October.

  Watch our Facebook page and website for information.