Sunday, January 13, 2013

Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital Team brings a new website to life.

Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital has a new and improved website.  After many months of hard work by some of the team members, a new website has come to life.  Nicole and myself were the two team members leading the charge, with a lot of help from our webmaster and computer guru Scott.  Nicole visited many websites and looked at numerous options of templates.  After many trials and changes we settled on a web template with a man (we called him eyebrow man) and a dog on the main page.  The site was clean and friendly and we really loved it, but we really didn't want a male model/veterinarian as our representative.  We debated and fought over what to do with the "eyebrow man".  We have 24 women working at Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital, so having a man on the main page was not really an option.  At one point Nicole and Scott plugged a picture of me (Dr. Cappel)  and my new puppy Trent as a temporary place holder while we were trying to come up with a solution to eyebrow man.   I was not real happy with this solution, but I agreed to it as I knew it was only temporary.

 As the site developed we added pictures of the rest of the team all with their various pets and the site became a family project.  We feel that Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital is a family and we liked the feel of our team members populating the site.  Nicole spent countless hours typing in text and arranging photos to make the site user friendly and informative.  Sue and the other team members helped with proof reading, taking photos and critiquing the content.  After many many hours of work we were finally able to let the site go live.  We are still working on getting the site to work with smart phones and tablet devices, but the computer site is working well so far.  There are some changes that we still need to make and we hope that our clients will add to this work in progress by submitting photos, and ideas that will help make the website grow for us.  I hope that any of you that use our site will be happy with the changes that we have made and will help us to continue to update the site to make it more user friendly and educational.  If you have a moment visit the site at and let us know what you think.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Santa delivers Zelda to her new home.

Just in time for Christmas, Zelda (our one eyed kitten - AKA Winky) made her way into the hearts and home of a wonderful family.  One of our great clients, Tanya, fell in love with Zelda after visiting the hospital several times while the homeless kittens were growing and playing in the Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital reception area.  Now Tanya has cats of her own at home, but something about the outgoing personality of Zelda and her fearless nature attracted Tanya to her.  She began to work on her husband gently suggesting that Zelda would make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas.  Now her husband is an animal lover as well, but he is the practical one, the voice of reason.  He didn't think another cat was needed in their home and he was very comfortable that Zelda was happy and healthy living at WWVH.  Tanya continued to visit with Zelda and continued to ask "Santa" for a new kitten.  As Christmas approached it wasn't looking good for the adoption, then 3 days before Christmas I received a facebook message asking me if Zelda was still available for adoption.  I replied that yes, she had just been spayed on Monday and was recovering nicely and that she could go to a home any day.  The facebook message was from Tanya's husband.  He wanted to see if he could pick Zelda up on Christmas eve, so she could be the Christmas gift that Tanya was wishing for.  We made arrangements for him to get her on Monday, Christmas eve.   The little kitten that started life outside with her mother and siblings, starving and lonely, with an eye that was diseased and blind, ended up with the best of happy endings.  Being delivered by Santa into the loving arms of a wonderful, capable family.